Welcome to Les French Quiches, Bring France Home’s blog. Since 2017, we have been operating our small gift and souvenir shop in the Marais. Beyond the fact that we are a little bit original (would some of you say crazy ?), we also have another uniqueness : all our products are exclusively Made in France.

Last posts

  • What is Upcycled Leather
    At a time when it is important to preserve our planet, we have chosen to offer you two magnificent products in upcycled leather. But what is upcycling? Another English word? Our Quebecois friends are not going to be happy but we did not find the exact French word. Some people say “surcyclage”, but we don’t […]
  • Absinthe : from boom to bans
    The colonization of Algeria by France launched absinthe. As early as 1830, it was recommended that soldiers put a few drops of absinthe in their water to disinfect it. The army absolutely believed in the antiseptic virtues of absinthe. It must be said that since the dawn of time, the plant was known to cure […]
  • The Origins of Absinthe
    Before opening our shop on rue de Birague, we had a pop’up store next to the Vert d’Absinthe shop which has since closed. The proximity with this shop, expert in absinthe, aroused our curiosity. Without being specialists, we acquired a certain knowledge about this mythical product that we will share with you, in several episodes.


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