What is Upcycled Leather

At a time when it is important to preserve our planet, we have chosen to offer you two magnificent products in upcycled leather. But what is upcycling? Another English word? Our Quebecois friends are not going to be happy but we did not find the exact French word. Some people say “surcyclage”, but we don’t find it very eloquent.

Absinthe : from boom to bans

The colonization of Algeria by France launched absinthe. As early as 1830, it was recommended that soldiers put a few drops of absinthe in their water to disinfect it. The army absolutely believed in the antiseptic virtues of absinthe. It must be said that since the dawn of time, the plant was known to cure anything and everything. 

The Origins of Absinthe

Before opening our shop on rue de Birague, we had a pop’up store next to the Vert d’Absinthe shop which has since closed. The proximity with this shop, expert in absinthe, aroused our curiosity. Without being specialists, we acquired a certain knowledge about this mythical product that we will share with you, in several episodes.

Change management must make sense

As you know, our shop is located at 3, rue de Birague in the small street that connects Place des Vosges to Rue Saint Antoine. Our street is a one-way street. Until May 11th, it was “going down”, i.e. it used to go from the Place des Vosges to the Rue Saint Antoine and then all of a sudden, it was decided, without consulting the local residents, to reverse the direction of traffic.

Bring France Home on France 2 TV news

We had the pleasure of receiving in our shop yesterday afternoon, a team from France Télévision who was preparing a report on the economic downturn in Parisian tourism.

Castex Street

We ship your orders from the Post Office located at Rue Castex. It’s convenient, it’s next to our little boutique, there’s rarely a queue, the employees are nice. It should be noted that this post office is Art Deco. The facade is in brick and mosaics of a pretty pink color. If you pass by, pay attention to the imposing front door which is surmounted by a period light fixture.

In short, to be honest, until we had a new Prime Minister of the same name we had not been interested in this street. But now the situation has changed. Let us share the results of our research about the Castex name.

The Birague’s Fountain

Did you like our story of the Birague’s street? Our beautiful little street is also named after a fountain that was created in the 16th century. It was also called Fontaine Sainte Catherine.

The Rue de Birague

We are very fond of our location @ 3, rue de Birague.

There we feel @ home with our lovely neighbors with whom we often share a coffee and gossips.

Little mouse or tooth fairy?

Today we have decided to take you back in time by telling you the extraordinary story of the little mouse. When you lost your baby teeth, you became a little taller and this passage to the world of the grown-ups was made easier by this clever little mouse who was able to slip into your bed while you slept, gently lift your pillow where you had hidden your precious possession and replace it with a small coin.

Reopening of Parisian Museums

Paris will always be Paris, in any case, we are well on our way to becoming a lively and attractive city again. The restaurants are open again and have the right to extend their terraces on the public space. Our dear Birague’s street is in full bloom since flowerpots are replacing cars.

There’s still a lot to accomplish, but little by little, Paris is becoming Paris again. Not all museums are open yet but here is already a list of 9 museums that you can visit today. It’s time to go to the museum: because of the Coronavirus you have to book online, but thanks to the Coronavirus, you will be able to enjoy your visit without being rushed. There’s the same number of works of art but a lot less people, so go for it!

9 Parisian museums to visit now
9 Parisian museums to visit now