The Birague’s Fountain

Did you like our story of the Birague’s street? Our beautiful little street is also named after a fountain that was created in the 16th century. It was also called Fontaine Sainte Catherine.

The Rue de Birague

We are very fond of our location @ 3, rue de Birague.

There we feel @ home with our lovely neighbors with whom we often share a coffee and gossips.

Little mouse or tooth fairy?

Today we have decided to take you back in time by telling you the extraordinary story of the little mouse. When you lost your baby teeth, you became a little taller and this passage to the world of the grown-ups was made easier by this clever little mouse who was able to slip into your bed while you slept, gently lift your pillow where you had hidden your precious possession and replace it with a small coin.

Reopening of Parisian Museums

Paris will always be Paris, in any case, we are well on our way to becoming a lively and attractive city again. The restaurants are open again and have the right to extend their terraces on the public space. Our dear Birague’s street is in full bloom since flowerpots are replacing cars.

There’s still a lot to accomplish, but little by little, Paris is becoming Paris again. Not all museums are open yet but here is already a list of 9 museums that you can visit today. It’s time to go to the museum: because of the Coronavirus you have to book online, but thanks to the Coronavirus, you will be able to enjoy your visit without being rushed. There’s the same number of works of art but a lot less people, so go for it!

9 Parisian museums to visit now
9 Parisian museums to visit now

Mayonnaise Made in France since 1756

Since we opened this blog, we introduced you to the gossips of our neighborhood, to architecture, cosmetics, but not yet to gastronomy, which should have been our first topic since French people love gastronomy. Especially since we love to cook, eat and share.

So here we go!  It was hard to choose but we decided that Mayonnaise we a good choice, it’s delicious, very easy to make and we love grease!

Home Made Mayo

Bring France Home and the RTL Suitcase

A long time ago, when you only had one landline telephone per household, three TV channels and no internet, you used to listen to the radio a lot, and even then, there was little choice. Until 1981 there was a state monopoly in France which prohibited commercial radio stations from broadcasting in France.

Radio stations, known as peripherals, broadcasted from abroad. The three main radio stations were Europe 1, RTL and RMC. Europe 1 was based in West Germany, RTL in Luxembourg and RMC in Monaco.

Each radio station had its emblematic programs:

  • “Salut les Copains”, a music program for Europe 1,
  • “Quitte ou Double”, a radio game for RMC, and
  • “La Valise”, another radio game, for RTL.

It’s apéritif hour!

The aperitif times serves to whet the appetite. It is the moment of conviviality par excellence in France, where we toast (tchin, tchin), nibble, discuss, tell jokes before sitting down to eat.

The aperitif corner at Bring France Home. Cheers Billie!

Do you know l’Eau de Menton ?

Since the 15th century, the town of Menton, a small city located on the Italian border near Nice, has been growing lemon trees. At its peak, Menton exported millions of lemons to England, Russia and even America.

The culture of lemon trees is not as huge nowadays. Lemons from Menton are picked by hand and do not undergo any treatment after their harvest. They are celebrated every year during the Lemon Festival and in 2015, they obtained an IGP label that recognizes their specificity. Menton Lemons are recognizable by their very bright colour, their very tasty juice and their sweetness:  neither too acid nor too bitter. Menton Lemons are a unique product that great pastry chefs particularly

Dear Place des Vosges

At Bring France Home, we never get tired of admiring the Place des Vosges. Rue de Birague, leads to what used to be the Pavillon du Roi. The Place des Vosges was originally called the Place Royale.

It was renamed after the Revolution in honour of the Vosges department, the first French department that paid its taxes and sent volunteers (from the town of Remiremont) to defend the country.

The Place des Vosges is the oldest square in Paris. Its construction started in 1605 under Henri IV. The unfortunate king died before the work was completed and it was Louis XIII who inaugurated the Place Royale, on the occasion of his engagement in 1612 with Anne of Austria.

Since 1954, it has been classified as a historical monument.

Birague’s street, post Lockdown

As planned, we re-opened our Birague’s street shop on May 11th.
The first day passed very quickly since all we did was cleaning. We also changed the merchandising in order to expose new products that got delivered just before the lockdown: cute coasters, champagne corks, cutters in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and France.