What is Upcycled Leather

At a time when it is important to preserve our planet, we have chosen to offer you two magnificent products in upcycled leather. But what is upcycling? Another English word? Our Quebecois friends are not going to be happy but we did not find the exact French word. Some people say “surcyclage”, but we don’t find it very eloquent.

So to make it simple, the concept of upcycling or “surcyclage” means: “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. In a way, it’s like a reincarnation for a material destined to the trash.

Our friends from Larmorie went to knock on the doors of the great French leather goods manufacturers to recover their unused skins. They mainly chose cowhide leather skins, all beautiful, well colored, to make pretty little wallets and beautiful pouches.

We have chosen bright colors, in the color code of our store and the assortment we offer you.
As a reminder, the Larmorie company exists since 1968. It was established in the district of Alesia and manufactures 100% French leather goods. The small leather goods are made in a workshop in the Tarn which works leather goods for more than 3 generations: a well established know-how for sure !


Emile and Camille are waiting for you, adopt them. They are easy to live with and will become more beautiful as they age: the excellent quality leather will acquire a soft patina. We have black, ruby red and royal blue. Emile is the little wallet, Camille is the pouche.
Congratulations to Larmorie for launching this upcycled collection