It’s apéritif hour!

The aperitif times serves to whet the appetite. It is the moment of conviviality par excellence in France, where we toast (tchin, tchin), nibble, discuss, tell jokes before sitting down to eat.

The aperitif corner at Bring France Home. Cheers Billie!

A bit of history

In the Middle Ages, the aperitif had a medicinal vocation above all since it was made from wine and aromatic plants. It was in 1846 that it became really popular thanks to Joseph Dubonnet who developed a wine-based medicine and quinine to fight against malaria. As his remedy had a bitter taste, he used a decoction of herbs and spices to mask the unpleasant taste of his drink. And that was it. First it was the soldiers of the Foreign Legion who used it in the mosquito-infested swamps of North Africa and then one day, for some reason, Joseph’s good wife decided to serve her husband’s magic potion as an aperitif to her friends. They found the drink delicious, and it became very popular, reaching its peak in 1930 with an advertisement that marked its time “Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet”.

Adolphe, Jean Marie Mouron dit Cassandre (1901-1968)

What about pulling the Dubonnet out of the closet? Maybe it’s just as effective as hydroxychloriquine after all? Who knows ?

In any case, Bring France Home has everything you need for a successful aperitif!

Because we love this moment of conviviality above all, we have a delicious Henri Bardouin pastis, coasters with the monuments of Paris, aperitifs from Provence, an exceptional absinthe from the Distillerie Bourgeois, pretty corks to close your bottles, nicely colored glasses to pour your drink into, ice cubes made of Mont-Blanc granite to avoid diluting your elixir, all Made in France of course.


It was in 1982 that Les Charlots released their song “Apérobic”. In a light and good-natured way, the song evokes a farmer who, seeing his wife Marie watching the show presented by Véronique and Davina which praised the merits of aerobics, decided to get into the gym himself by uncorking bottles of wine and drinking them with a speedy rhythm.

And one, I take the cap off and two, I put a little ice cube in.. It’s Apérobic!

Did you know that?

  • The most consumed aperitif in France is pastis: more than 65 million litres per year.
  • The word aperitif has its roots in the Latin apertivus (derived from aperire which means to open).

Surprise, surprise

When visiting our little shop, you can get a 10% discount on all your “aperitif” items with the magic word: Apérobic .

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